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Toris Paradise Resort is the quickest get-away to perfection anyone can have that is closest to the heart of the very hospitable Siquijor residents. Just a few kilometers away from the City of Dumaguete in the Visayan island of the Philippines, the location offers a wide variety of amenities conveniently located within walking distance to the resort. The long stretch of the sea also makes any view into the horizon very much enjoyable, and one would definitely say that this is a place worth going to.

Beaches have always been the gateway to our inner paradises. The serenity of the sea and the relaxing sounds of waves hitting the shoreline cannot get any better, and add that to the coastal breeze that would definitely take all the stresses away, then the experience on this beautiful scenery would surey be one of a kind. With immensely comfortable accommodations options, a guest of Toris Paradise Resort can choose their preferred rooms, from a Beach View Superior Room to a Family Suite that could provide for up to six guests. The lovation is also very friendly to backpackers as they have a Mixed Dormitory Fan Room composed of severa double-decker beds, and making friends would be a breeze.

Of course, being away for a holiday does not mean that one would have to be solitary with just the beach being your sole companion. Toris Paradise Resort, as a pet-friendly arena that also offers Wifi access, has a restaurant and a bar with extensive meal and drink selections. Both local and foreign cuisines are found in the menu, so one would not fear on trekking to far-off places just to get a full, satisfied stomach. The resort also has a year-round open outdoor pool with a small watersldie, but if one would simply like to relax and bask in the wonders of nature, then the balconies and open areas are there to suit the guests’ desires. For the more adventurous visitors, Toris Paradise Resort offers diving facilities with complete tools, but if not, the billiards table and wide-screen televisions with cable signals are there for the individuals’ entertainment needs.

Exploring more of the area will lead to more fun discoveries, so if you would like to have a memorable vacation stay, then do try Toris Paradise Resort for your next retreat.

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